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Crisis Situation Plan


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Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

    In light of the happenings of surrounding school districts, I feel that it is important to write you a note of assurance.  In our ever-changing society, we never know what is going to happen next. 

    Because we live in a society that is becoming increasingly complex and volatile, it is essential to develop a crisis plan within the school system.  When personnel are prepared to deal with crisis, students continue to grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically.   Here at the Ballard R-2 School District, just as in any other school district, we have a Crisis Plan.  Within that Crisis Plan are instructions for the staff members of the school.

    Each school also has an Emergency Plan Flip-Chart and an Evacuation Route Map in each instructional area.  These are instructions for students and staff in the event of a crisis.

    The Superintendent’s, as well as the school’s, major responsibility is the welfare of the students.  We have plans in place for each crisis event that may occur.  While all emergencies may be different, they should all be acted upon in a similar manner.  The safety of the students is the top priority.  This may include moving our students to a safer environment off the school grounds.   Law enforcement must be contacted.  When we know that our students are safe and law enforcement has been contacted and it is safe that parents can be informed, then we will do so immediately.

    We ask of you, as parents, to make sure that the school has up-to-date information regarding daytime and emergency contact phone numbers at all times.  If the school must be dismissed prematurely as the result of a crisis, the parents of each student will be contacted if we have up to date information. 

    It is imperative that all parents remain as calm as possible when picking up your child as well as dealing with the crisis.  Panic will affect the safety of our children.

    If a crisis situation occurs, it is understandable that you will be upset and worry about the safety of your child.  I ask that you please remember the safety of all students and staff involved is important.

    We pray that these situations never occur, but we feel it is necessary to take every precaution to make sure we are as prepared as possible.  The safety of our students is our number 1 priority, and we must have your help to provide an organized means to deal with a crisis.

    If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the school.  The phone number is 816-297-2656.

Have a safe and successful school year.