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Ballard R-2 A+ Program

Ballard R-2 A+ Program

Contact Jimmie Barton
A+ Coordinator
RR 1 Box 497
Butler, MO  64730

Ph: (816) 297-2656 ext. 102

      (816) 716-6363c (emergency only- summer service approval)

The A+ Program was established in 1993 as part of the Outstanding Schools Act by the Missouri State Legislature to enhance educational opportunities for high school students. According to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the primary goal of the A+ Schools Program is to ensure that all students who graduate from Missouri high schools are well-prepared to pursue advanced education and employment.

Ballard A+ goals are:

  •      All Ballard students will graduate from high school. 
  •      All students will complete a selection of high school studies that are challenging.
  •      Ballard High School students will proceed from high school to a college; post-secondary, vocational, or technical 
  •      School; or a high-wage job with workplace skill development opportunities. 

Ballard High School applied for A+ designation in 2009. The class of 2013 is the first eligible class to have the opportunity to qualify for free college tuition pending the continuation of program support from the state legislature.

Ballard High School graduates who meet specific A+ criteria will be eligible to receive reimbursement for tuition and general fees to attend any public community college or vocational or technical school in the state of Missouri for two years  (up to six semesters) once official designation is granted. 

Further information can be obtained on the Missouri Department of Higher Education website: http://dhe.mo.gov/ppc/grants/aplusscholarship.php

Eligibility Requirements

A+ Program Requirements
Ballard students wishing to enroll in the A+ program must meet several requirements:

Sign a Written Agreement to Participate

Students may agree to participate at any time during their high school career. It is recommended and encouraged that students agree to participate as soon as possible to ensure they have adequate time to acquire their tutoring hours. Students must sign an A+ Program Partic
ipation Agreement

Attend an A+ Designated School Three Consecutive Years
A student must attend an A+ designated school three consecutive years prior to graduation. Therefore, a student must be enrolled in an A+ school their sophomore, junior, and senior years. If a student enrolls in the program at Ballard and transfers to a different school, that school must be a designated A+ school in order for the student to be eligible for tuition benefits.

Earn a Cumulative, Un-weighted 2.5 GPA
Ballard High School students must graduate with a cumulative un-weighted GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. There will be no rounding of the GPA. Thus a student with a GPA of 2.4999 will not meet the requirement. The official transcript will serve as documentation for the GPA requirement. This GPA is applicable to all four years of a student's enrollment in high school.

Maintain At Least a 95% Attendance Rate
Students are expected to maintain a 95% or better attendance rate over their four years of high school. Attendance rates will not be rounded; therefore a rate of 94.999% will not qualify the student for A+ benefits.

Perform 50 Hours of Tutoring or Mentoring and 20 Hours of Approved Community Service
Students must perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring of younger students through a school-sponsored program. Tutoring must be completed under the supervision of a Ballard teacher during the regular school year. Community service must be pre-approved by the Coordinator. For initial program implementation, class community service hour requirements will be pro-rated (community service only) as follows: 2013- 5 hrs; 2014-10 hrs; 2015-15 hrs; 2016 and thereafter-20 hrs.

Maintain a Record of Good Citizenship
Students must maintain a record of good citizenship and avoid the unlawful use of drugs and alcohol. Students must represent themselves in a positive manner both in and out of school. Any disciplinary actions taken by the school may affect the student's citizenship status.

Complete a FAFSA
Students must make a good faith effort to secure all available federal post secondary student financial aid funds that do not require repayment. Financial need is not a requirement for eligibility, but all students must complete the FAFSA form. Students/Parents are encouraged to apply between January 1 and June 30 of the student’s senior year.

Register with the Selective Service
Male students must register with the selective service upon turning 18 years old. Students should supply proof of registration to the A+ Coordinator within 30 days of registering.


Attendance Review

Review Guidelines

After receiving attendance information, the parent or guardian will have five calendar days to file an appeal with the A+ Coordinator. If an appeal is not filed within those five days, a waiver for days missed will not be considered.

Appeal Guidelines

  • Anyone making an appeal should use the A+ Attendance Appeal Form available in the District office.
  • The A+ Coordinator will convene the Attendance Review Committee within five calendar days of notice of an appeal.
  • An A+ Review Committee composed of teachers, parents, students, board members, and business leaders will review stated grounds of the appeal.
  • The A+ Coordinator will act as a facilitator and a non-voting member of the review committee.
  • After the Attendance Review Committee reaches a decision, the A+ Coordinator will notify the parents by letter within three calendar days. The decision of the review committee will be considered final.



Voluntary Enrollment

Enrollment in the A+ Program is voluntary. Students who are interested in participating in the A+ Program are encouraged to enroll in the program early in their high school career in order to track requirements.

An A+ Participation Agreement must be completed with all appropriate signatures and returned to the A+ office in order to be enrolled.

Everyone requesting A+ enrollment after the beginning of their sophomore year must meet all criteria dating back to the beginning of their freshman year. Eligible students must be enrolled in Ballard High School no later than three weeks after the beginning of their sophomore year.



Outside Financial Resources

The student is required to make a good faith effort to secure all available federal post-secondary student financial aid funds that do not require repayment.

Parents must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to the student's graduation. The FAFSA summary report must be sent to the community college or public vocational / technical school that the student is planning to attend. A copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR) must be on file in the District Office.

Completing the FAFSA

Help with the FAFSA form is available in the Counseling Office for students. Seniors are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after January 1. Applications can also be completed on the FAFSA website. You will need a PIN number first before completing the online process.



Freshman and Sophomore Years

  • Learn about the A+ Program through classroom presentations, and by reading the A+ Newsletter on the school website (in progress).
  • Make sure that you understand the A+ Attendance, GPA, and Good Citizenship requirements.
  • Sign an A+ Agreement and return to the A+ Office.
  • Get started on the A+ tutoring requirement (before/after school) and community service.


Junior Year

  • Continue or get started on the A+ tutoring and community service requirement. All tutoring must be done under the supervision of a certified teacher. To receive credit for tutoring and for community service, all hours must be logged on the official A+ Tutoring Log and on the A+ Community Service Log.
  • Tutoring and Service Logs are available in the District Office and must be completed in the approved manner and turned in to the Counselor.
  • Be aware of your current A+ status (attendance, GPA and citizenship). Keep in touch with coordinator.
  • Read the A+ Newsletters. Information and deadlines are also available on the website.


Senior Year


  • Arrange a meeting with the A+ coordinator by October 15th.


  • Check A+ Status by second Friday in November
  • A+ Agreement form due by second Friday in November. This date is the absolute last date to sign up for participation in the A+ program.


  • Attend a FAFSA Informational Night. (Scheduled through Mr. Komer)
  • Complete a FAFSA.
  • Schedule a final review meeting with Mr. Barton to ensure all A+ requirements have been met.


  • Fill out the intent form to use A+ funds.
  • Complete all tutoring/documentation.


  • The following forms are due in the District office by the first Friday in May. All forms are available in the District Office.

> Intent form to use A+ funds

> FAFSA filing proof (copy of printed confirmation sheet)

> Attendance waivers

> All tutoring and community service logs

> Complete a transcript request to have your final transcript sent to the college you are going to attend.

The staff and administration of the Ballard School District strongly encourage every student to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.


Code of Conduct Policy For A+ Participation

Students should conduct themselves as responsible representatives of the school. A+ participants must always serve as exemplary examples of high ethical character. As recognized representatives of their school, members are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior on and off school grounds and to conform to and support existing state laws.


Section A: Policy Criteria

Ballard High School’s motto is Quality Education for all Students. Our primary goal is quality academic and technical education of all students.



• All participants begin each school year with good citizen status. Good citizen status equals zero (0) points.

• Each disciplinary referral that results in in-school or out-of-school suspension takes away from good citizen status. In-school suspension results in a three-point penalty for each day assigned. Out-of-school suspension results in a five-point penalty for each day assigned.

• The accumulation of twenty-one (21) points during any one school year will result in the revocation of the participant's good citizen status and his/her removal from the program with no opportunity for reinstatement.


A+ Position on Chemical Abuse:

1. In accordance to state A+ rules, all student use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or possession or use of non-prescribed controlled substances or paraphernalia for their use will not be tolerated, and the violator will be subject to removal from the A+ Program.

2. Rule enforcement will be consistent and immediate. School officials are not expected to police off-campus, non-school activities unless the violation is brought to public attention and is clearly proven. Conversation held in the presence of a staff member by an A+ participant regarding their attendance at parties with drugs and/or alcohol or use of drugs and/or alcohol will be considered sufficient evidence for removal from the A+ Program.

3. The Administration will be notified of all violations of the A+ Code of Conduct and the consequences of the infraction which is immediate dismissal from the A+ Program with no opportunity for reinstatement. In addition to the A+ Program penalty, such infractions will also be subject to appropriate Board of Education disciplinary policies.

Safe Schools Act

4. Any violation of the Safe Schools Act are grounds for immediate and permanent dismissal.


Section B-Procedures

1. All reports of violations of the Code of Conduct are to be made to the Principal.

2. The Principal contacts the student and the parents to inform them of the violation and procedures to be followed. If requested, a meeting is scheduled within three (3) school days. This meeting includes the Principal, Superintendent, the student, and his or her parents.

3. The school administration will determine the course of action. The student and his/her parents are notified of the decision immediately.

4. Any student who violates the guidelines will be terminated from the A+ Program.


Section C-Right of Appeal—Due Process

A student and his or her parents may appeal a decision by writing a letter to the Superintendent within three (3) days of notification of dismissal. This letter should state a request for a hearing with the school administration. Within five (5) school days after the letter is received, the Superintendent will notify the parents and the participant of the time and place of the appeal hearing. The Superintendent, Principal, and a board of three A+ Program committee members will hear both sides of the case and will take action, which they consider to be in the best interests of the student and the A+ Program. 




The Ballard A+ Schools tutoring program exists to provide:

• A meaningful service activity.

• Academic assistance to students.

• Role modeling opportunities for younger students.

• A+ participants with opportunities to meet the tutoring/mentoring requirement for A+ tuition reimbursement.

1. Guidelines for tutoring/mentoring to qualify for A + School tuition reimbursement have been developed in accordance with requirements established by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

2. Tutoring activities must be part of an approved program, under the direct supervision of a certificated Ballard staff member, involve Ballard public school students, and be conducted in the Ballard District buildings.

3. Participants will select a supervising teacher. Supervising teachers must give their permission in writing before the tutoring experience begins. All supervising teachers must be approved by the A+ Coordinator or his/her designee prior to beginning of the tutoring experience. Participants must have a signed parental permission form on file prior to beginning a tutoring assignment.

4. Tutoring activities are expected to be conducted in a quiet, disciplined, and orderly manner and only for as long as the experience is productive and necessary. Participants should consider themselves as guests of the school and should conduct themselves accordingly. Participants who do not meet behavioral expectations during any portion of the tutoring experience, as defined by the supervising teacher, risks forfeiture of tutoring opportunities.

5. All tutoring time must be verified by the signature of the supervising teacher. Tutoring time must be recorded and verified on the A + Tutoring Log available in the A + Coordinator's office. Maintenance of the tutoring log is the sole responsibility of the tutor. Tutoring logs must be turned into the A+ office as required by local policy.  Students will not receive credit for unverified tutoring activity or for activity documented on forms that are lost or not turned in to the A+ office.

6. An A+ student will be academically ineligible and not allowed to tutor during the school day if he or she has earned one (or more) grades of "F" prior to the semester in which he or she applies for A + Tutorial.  Academically ineligible students may tutor before or after school and regain eligibility at the end of the next designated grading period.

7. Community service may be completed on or off school grounds outside of normal school hours, and at pre-approved school or non-school functions. Pre-approval must be gained in writing from the A+ Coordinator at least 24 hrs. prior to the event. The log will be maintained and turned in with supporting supervisor signatures during the senior-year final review.


Click the following links to view and/or print A+ forms:

A+ Participation Agreement

A+ Tutoring Log

A Community Service Log