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KC Wolf Comes to Ballard

On Wednesday, February 10, KC Wolf came to Ballard.  It was totally awesome.  For all who don’t know who KC Wolf is, he is the mascot for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He came to talk to us about how to be successful, and what it’s like to be the mascot.

KC would not be who he is without the awesome skills of the man in the costume, Dan Meers.  Dan said that he started his 26-year career as Truman the Tiger for the University of Missouri and then moved on to the Saint Louis Cardinals and was Fred Bird.  He then moved on to be KC Wolf for the Kansas City Chiefs and is still in KC today.  He talked about his career as KC, and some of the exciting moments that he has had over the years. 

He taught us the ABC’s of a good successful life.  “A” being attitude, meaning you have to have a good attitude to be successful.  “B” was for behavior.  You have to have the right behavior to live life to the fullest.  Last, and maybe the most important, is “C” for character.  Good character really expresses who you are.  Bad character usually means a bad reputation.

Mr. Meers ended the program by showing the students how his suit was designed, he picked third grader Isaiah Maggard (pictured right) to help him demonstrate what it felt like to be inside the KC Wolf suit.  It was a little bit too big for Isaiah.  He also signed autographs and took selfies with some students and teachers.